Is this your t-shirt? What is it doing on top of the drawer again?
Sorry, forgot to put it away
What about this boxer behind the TV?
Oh thanks, I’ve been looking for it for a while
Why can’t you put them in the laundry basket?
Yeah, yeah, I will later. I’m busy
That’s what you’ve been telling me the past week
What can I do? I’m busy. Can’t you see I’m working? Why being all grumpy?
Do you think I’m not busy? What do you think I do all day every day?
Can you not do it anymore?
I won’t, I promise
You said this before, and you keep doing this
I promise. Chill the hell out!
Nope, no. I cannot take this anymore
Yeah? Then deal with it
Get out of my face
If I can I would! Been here for too long!
*door slam