Because we are adventurous homebodies

Poem about adventurous homebodies

The house has a small fountain next to the open kitchen in front of the frangipani tree
Where our keeper puts an offering with incense burning every single morning meticulously
The offering you sometimes step on accidentally

We are in paradise, everyone says we should go out and hunt for
the waterfalls, the rice fields, the hidden beaches, the mountains
Instead, we hole up in our cave, hide from the sun and the rain and judgmental stare from passersby who like to label because they think we’re someone we’re not and we’re different and we’re sinners. But hey, whatever floats their dull, tedious boats

We’re adventurous homebodies ordering margarita in plastic cups
Sitting under a parasol on a scorching day at Seminyak
Bury our toes in black sand while watching sheepish lovers on a violet sky

People still stare but we don’t mind
Because we have our own paradise
Our eternal summer
Our never-ending sunsets