My Pisces is a pink koi in a clear pond

Poem about Pisces

A pink koi in a clear pond inside a lush garden asked me if we can be friends
I wasn’t looking for a companion or anything in particular
Yet I was charmed with its gleam and its glow
I thought hey, why not

So I came back the next week, and the next, and the next, talking about creations and creators, arts and artists, feelings and feelers, love and lovers

I asked him why he doesn’t talk to the other kois
He said he couldn’t find anything in common with them
I shrugged but then I thought I understand why he couldn’t befriend with just anyone

Maybe it’s the fence he put up so no one can get too close
I was outside of his pond so I could never be too involved
Or maybe it’s a hint of vanity he splished and splashed every now and then
Or from the way he moved; how he was swift and he swished and he flicked and he fleeted and off he went

I was okay with all that because
He’s my fish
His glitters and glamour
His bubble and his ensembles
His immaculate, uncorrupted mind

He’s mine
My pink koi in a clear pond