Why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Poem about Valentine's Day

Down came the realization that everything we’ve done has led up to this exact moment
This specific lat/long near the equator and the choice of words we texted each other on that specific hour, minute, second

I didn’t know that it was you I would find
When I was still green and gullible and still believed in the institution called marriage and when I thought all adults are right and righteous

It’s never planned; your decision to quit your hometown and flew halfway around the world or my decision to fucked around with Tinder dates and sought some thrills in my lonely, monotonous life

I wanted to do something new and you wanted to be somewhere else and we wondered how those paths led us to where we are today and we have no idea how we’re here almost one year later still feeling all the sparks and the explosions

And then we agreed that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because we couldn’t be arsed to get off our love cave and we agreed that perhaps, maybe, probably, possibly we will encounter more Valentine’s Day and not celebrating it but we still keep all the shimmer and the glitter

And that’s why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day