But you’re a drug and I couldn’t quit you

Poem about addictive relationship

My life was sorted before you came suddenly
I was expecting you—or someone like you—but not like this exactly
A series of car chasing street racing Mad Max style
You’re the racer and there’s no brake we kept hitting above a hundred

But I couldn’t quit you because you’re a drug
Your peaceful smile when you’re sleeping after pulling an all-nighter
Your glistening green eyes with those loving stares

And I didn’t want to quit you
Because it’s your embrace I was craving for in the morning
And the bewitching endless conversation we had at night

But you’re a drug
And a wizard
And you burned me inside out
You altered my nature, my affinity to the morning sun,
My stable pattern, my painstaking design

But I didn’t want to quit you
Even if I was not trusting my heart because my head couldn’t disagree with it
Even if I plunged into this with no safety net and zero backup plan
I just trusted you to catch me and never let me fall

Because you’re my drug